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Art Meets Technology – 3D Printed Furniture on demand!!

3D Printed Furniture Dubai – 3D Printing of furniture latest trend in the market. Market is just getting behind 3D Printed furniture because, it is easy to print furniture at any shapes or sizes and can make it. With 3D Printing technology, the trend of using biodegradable and recycled materials is becoming increasingly noticeable, more and more solutions are being developed.

3D Printed Furniture Dubai

3d printed furniture dubai

At Inoventive 3D Printing Dubai, we have state-of-the-art 3D Printing technology, where we can do mass-scale 3D Printing. Compared to the traditional furniture making, mass-scale 3D Printing considerably reduces wastage and accordingly production cost also will drastically come down. As regional wise production is practically possible with 3D Printing, logistic cost can also be considerably reduced. 3D Printing technology is also help environment as it can reduce carbon footprints and help environment. 3D printing is certainly greener than traditional manufacturing methods.

In layman words, 3D printer is a sculpture machine, where you can get any sculptures in any sizes and shapes within no-time!! for an architect or a furniture designer, 3D Printer can be act as one of his tool where he can design and get his product without using a hammer or a chisel. Moreover,  3D Printing is faster, cheaper and easier. Also, 3D Printer expands the horizon of designing and challenges his imaginations.

3D printed furniture isn’t just an expression of art, it’s an expression of additive manufacturing technology itself because he only produces pieces that can’t be made any other way. Unique shapes and in sizes are just possible with 3D Printing.

Being a 3D Printing company for years, Inoventive 3D understand your requirement and execute it swiftly. We have 24×7 excellent 3D designers, engineers and 3D Modelers who can assist you all the time. Just bring your idea, design and get the products within few hours. We offer the complete range of 3D Printing services, Architectural Scale models, Industrial scale models, Rapid Prototyping and Additive Manufacturing,

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