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Increase revenue with Architectural scale models

Architectural scale model Dubai – Every architectural scale model represents the real project and it can be a direct practical tool for marketing that can influence the sales. With architectural model, one can showcase and practically prove the potential of an area, the real value of the construction and its surroundings. It is easy to project the advantage of the project in long term with an architectural scale model.

Many studies shows that 10-15% of construction costs are construction project costs are due to errors. further research proves  the root causes of these errors, including poorly communicated design information, late design changes, inadequate attention paid in the design to construction stages and ineffective communication between team members. Four out of the ten top issues are down to communication. Architectural scale models will help to overcome these errors. You can identify these errors with architectural scale models and can make necessary changes and corrections much before you start your final project.

Physical architectural models are the best tools that architects can use to communicate the design directly to a client and individuals have always seemed to be much more responsive to physical models that have the ability to convey a sense of depth, dimension & texture. All you have to do is put a model in the middle of a room where there are 3D images on all the walls and watch where the crowd spends their time with architectural scale models.

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