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3D Printed Concrete Molds in Dubai – Customizable, cheaper and reusable


3D Printed Concrete Molds in DubaiInoventive 3D Printing Dubai is now offering customizable 3D Printed concrete molds.

Concrete formwork in construction can make up 30-40% of a total budget. It can go high if these formwork involved complex shapes like curved concrete forms. Some of the customer/architect go for double curved surfaces or organic shapes and cavities are not easy to produce as it require highly skilled manpower, which results long lead time, high cost and on top of all these factors, there can be high risk of material wastage too.

Traditionally, precast concrete is set in wood molds that require regular upkeep after a certain number of castings. These wooden molds are also limited in shape as carpenters can carve with physically possible shapes.

Inoventive 3D Printing Dubai can produce large scale, complex shape mold for concrete forms at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods and trust us, it can be 3D Printed within hours instead of wasting weeks in traditional methods.

Inoventive 3D will help architects and developers to produce concrete molds for facades, or formwork for building restoration, Wall panels, custom designed wall partitions, concrete molds for facade panels, public sculptures, 3D Printed customized furniture and home decors.

3D Printed molds for concrete facades or 3D Printed wall panels and 3D Printed wall partitions are really cheap while we compare the cost which involves in making with traditional methods. At Inoventive 3D Dubai, they have ultra-fast, super large, latest 3D Printers with us. We can 3D Print any objects, any sizes and in any shapes.

Apart from Wide format 3D Printing, we are the best model makers in Dubai and do Architectural scale models, Industrial scale models, Engineering models, marine models and prototypes.

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