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3D Printed model making

3d printed model making

3D Printed Model making is now becoming an essential part of Architectural industry as it is easy to make, cost effective and is flexible to change the design. Inoventive 3D printing has its latest 3D printing technology and state-of-the-art facility to undertake today’s need of the  market as it is. Inoventive 3D Printing can undertake individual and corporate projects. As Architecture is a highly competitive field as there is so many options for their customers. Architectural firms will strive not only with their performance, but for innovation as well to stand out and stay ahead of the competition and here Inoventive 3D will come into picture…  We are one of the leading model making Dubai company and do all kinds of architectural scale models.

with 3D Printing Models, you can;

Display Complex designs in details

A 3D printer proves itself to be a very important tool for printing and displaying complex features such as a facade or an elaborate textured roof. These complex and intricate features that would normally be a challenge or impossible to accurately create by hand can easily be achieved with 3D printing. This would enhance the visual experience and allow clients to gain a better understanding on how the features would look in real life. It can even showcase how shadows and sunlight will look during the day which would bring the model to life.


3D printing allows architects to quickly test multiple design concepts and make iterations in the early phases of projects. Making changes to a working model’s scale helps determine the building’s relationship with its close surroundings (which can also be 3D printed) and on a larger level, how it fits within a neighborhood.

Reduce manual labor cost and time;

Building a model by hand is a long and complicated process that requires patience to achieve quality results and creating a final model requires a longer timeline that can take several weeks to complete. The 3D Printing technology bypasses all the measuring, cutting, gluing and other manual labour required to create a whole model giving Architects more time to focus on their design.

Multiple Copies of same model

Multiple copies can easily be created of the final model and the 3D print file can be stored indefinitely for future reference. The ability to easily create numerous copies is extremely rare considering the traditional methods of model making. This enables the architect to give their clients and investors a scale model copy of the project they were hired for.

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