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3D Printed molds for concrete and plaster applications

3d printed molds in dubai uae

3D Printed Molds in Dubai, UAE  Inoventive 3D with our large 6000 sq.ft large and state-of-the-art 3D Printing facility, we can produce 3D printed molds for concrete and plaster applications. With our multiple ultra-fast 3D Printing machines, we can 3D print multiple molds at the same time. It will be really faster and much cheaper than any traditional model making methods.

At Inoventive 3D, we can can produce large 3D printed molds at unprecedented speed for a range of applications including street furniture, public sculptures, interior design elements, architecture, restoration projects, concrete letters, museum displays and more..

With our innovative process for directly printing female molds much faster and more cost-effectively than what is currently possible with traditional technologies. It eliminates the bottleneck of first producing a master/plug and then creating a complex, silicon mold from it. It also enables far more complex shapes and undercuts.Producing molds with Inoventive 3D Printing Dubai is ideal for projects that are unique or with complex shapes.

Key Benefits

  • Design freedom (Create complex models that cannot be produced using traditional techniques)
  • Faster mold production than is currently available
  • Minimal investment for one offs & short runs (1-10 copies per project)
  • Save on materials and produce lighter end pieces by controlling cast wall thickness

Supported Materials

A huge range of polymeric concrete and polymeric plaster end materials can be used to produce robust, intricate structures without needing a release agent! Additional end materials may be cast if using a release agent.

Markets & Applications

Interior/ Exterior Design
Street furniture, statues and decorative elements, interior applications.

Heritage & Restoration
Restoring, repairing, or creating antique replicas.

Signage & Display
Outdoor decorative signage and concrete lettering.

Art & Fabrication
Sculptures, vases, or museum displays

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