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3D Printing in Abu Dhabi

3D Printing in Abu Dhabi

3D Printing in Abu Dhabi – Inoventive 3D Printing offers the best 3D Printing services in Abu Dhabi and in UAE.

Hidden painting of Picasso was recreated with 3D Printing Technology!!

In order to recycle canvases and to reduce cost, Pablo Picasso, the genius artists of the era, used to recycle his canvases to create new paintings. Some of these covered paintings have been identified with X-ray machines, UVs and infrared imaging technologies. Millions of art enthusiasts were thinking these hidden painting are unrecoverable. Thanks to 3D Printing technology and AI. The emerging 3D Printing technology is continuing to create wonders. Specifically, scientists have succeeded in reproducing a work of art used by 3D Printing from the famous painter, which had been hidden from the world for 118 years!!

A team of researchers of Oxia Palus, succeeded to recreate the hidden painting beneath the famous Picasso’s “Blind  man’s meal” !! The company recons that there could be potentially thousands of lost masterpieces hidden beneath other paintings, and 3D Printing technology may help the world see what once was lost.

Definitely, the new emerging additive manufacturing technology can contribute in our day-to-day life in a great way. Already influences of additive manufacturing technology is clearly visible in almost all sectors and industries.

At Inoventive 3D Printing Dubai, we have industrial grade Large scale 3D Printers for supporting the current market needs. With our ultra-modern and super-fast 3D Printing machines, we can produce real size boat hulls, 3D Printed furniture, large sculptures, home decors, artifacts for museums, custom designed wall partitions, wall panels and fixtures and one of our specialized product is 3D Printed mold for concrete facades.

Apart from 3D Printing Services, we provide the world-class Scale models. You can have professional Interactive scale models, architectural scale models, industrial scale models, Engineering models and marine models. Being the best model makers in UAE, Inoventive 3D Solutions, offer affordable Architectural scale models & model making services to the region.

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