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3D Printing towards sustainable construction

sustainability construction

Opportunities of 3D Printing are endless… If you can dream and design, it can take a physical form by 3D Printing. Whether  it is a 3D Printed Architectural scale Models, industrial scale models or prototypes.. 3D Printing has no limits, just as your dreams!!

3D Printing also can help to make construction more sustainable. The orthodox methods of construction which we follows today generates huge amount of waste and it pollutes environment very seriously. The idea of sustainability and green management have its limitations to follow in these orthodox methods of construction.  Due to the complexity of supply chain in traditional methods of construction industry, the concept of green management is still a dream.

3D Printing have the potential to change the way that we follows for decades in manufacturing, medical and construction industries. 3D Printing can bring fundamental changes even in the supply chain of construction industry. 3D Printing can help the construction industry become leaner, more efficient and more sustainable.   

Normally, the building design process requires input from up to five different parties including architects, engineers, contractors, clients and other executive parties. With 3D printing and its simulation techniques and scale modeling,  all of these roles can be integrated into one role of architect, with the help of simulation techniques. Along with this 3D Printing, architectural scale models will ensure structural integrity and also enables the end-user to visualise the final design and will help them to understand it better. These 3D models will help architect to make changes in his project at any time, without any huge loss or investing of time.

Large format  3D Printing technology helps us to build faster, cheaper, simplify complexity and do all of this more sustainably.

Inoventive 3D always believes to take a step ahead to the future and it has the capacity to 3D Print anything you need !! From Scale models, Jewelries, accessories, spare parts to construction,… anything you dream, we can 3D print

We undertakes projects from industries or individuals and always keeps our word to deliver it on-time !!

At Inoventive 3D, you can find affordable 3D Printing service, which suites your budget.

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