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Architectural Model Making Dubai

architectural model making Dubai

Architectural model making Dubai has advanced to new heights in last few years. Architectural scale modeling is now a matter of few hours now. It is possible because of the application of latest 3D Printing technology to the traditional methods of Model making. Inoventive 3D has the ability to create scale models directly from 3D CAD data within few hours using 3D Printing technology for creation of proposed and as-built designs. Inoventive 3D is the pioneers of Model Making in Dubai and 3D Printing in Dubai.

At Inoventive 3D, our main focuses are on Large format 3D Printing and Architectural scale model making and we use additive manufacturing technology extensively in product development and automotive design for a number of years. Being the leader in Model Making Dubai, we understands what customer needs and upgrades ourselves time-to-time.

Looking to broaden its already impressive reach across many industries, Inoventive 3D is specially targeting the construction and real-estate industry in Dubai. Apart from excellent models, we used to provide molds for concrete facades. We can undertake large scale projects or small scale projects. Looking to broaden its reach across many industries and sectors, Inoventive 3D is now offering 3D Printed mold for boats and 3D Printed spare parts for marine industry. We too offer customized home decors, 3D Printed furniture and wall panels.

We offer, affordable 3D Printing services and Model Making services in Dubai, UAE. Inoventive 3D is providing the best Architectural scale models, Industrial scale models and Rapid prototyping services in UAE. Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance.

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