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Architectural scale model maker

Architectural scale model maker

Architectural scale model maker – Being the best model making company in UAE, Inoventive 3D offers the best model making services in UAE and middle eastern region. If you want to have a scale model – it can be a simple scale model, or can be very professional and futuristic scale model – trust us, we have the expertise to do it in-house. We understand the value of your design and guarantees the confidentiality on your project.

We have state-of-the-art model making facility along with ultra-modern 3D Printing facilities in-house. So at any time, we will never outsource any part of your project. Our expert and professional model making team will take care of your project from designing to deliver it to you and they will make sure that every given detail are reflecting on the model with its fullness.

At Inoventive 3D, we are experts in making scale models and prototypes for Exhibitions and events. Our top-class models are the main attractions in Expo 2020 Dubai and becoming the dominating many news leads. Our specialty never ends with just making the model, we do futuristic pedestals for every scale model and make sure every model from us have a stunning look and capable to attract potential investment for your project.

Interactive scale models are another attraction from our team where we make Dynamic scale models which will directly interact with its visitors. Interactive scale models will be a combination of traditional scale models along with the latest gadgets like touchscreens, mobiles, LED screens etc. Interactive scale models also can make in any sizes and shapes.

At Inoventive 3D Solutions, we undertake any models in any scales. We do Architectural scale models, Industrial scale models, Interactive Models, Engineering Models, Marine Models, Prototyping services etc.,

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