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Architectural Scale Models in Dubai

architectural scale model

At Inoventive 3D Printing, highly detailed, accurate and cost effective prototypes and architectural scale models in Dubai are created combining both traditional knowledge and cutting edge technology.

Architects, Engineers, construction firms have adopted 3D Printing as a critical part of visualizing their projects in its early stage and communicate with customers about the final products. We can produce any type of 3D Printed Architectural models or prototypes in any size.

We provide Architecture scale models in Dubai and all over UAE along with all GCC Countries and in Africa.

With 3D Printing, engineers and architects can achieve a level of detail and accuracy that isn’t possible by any other traditional methods. Our workflow also removes the process of translating data required for traditional model making to avoid any confusion or mistakes.

With our model making services, we do;

  • Full Architectural Model making service
  • 3D Printed conceptual models
  • 3D Printed architectural models in full colour
  • Combine 3D Printed methods with traditional architectural finish
  • Finishing can include landscaping, scale trees, vehicles and people with illumination

Inoventive 3D is expert in 3D Models, 3D Printing, additive manufacturing, architectural scale models, rapid prototyping, industrial scale models and residential scale models.

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