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Architecture scale models Dubai


Architecture scale models Dubai

Architecture scale models DubaiScale models are used in architecture for different reasons. Architectural scale models will have different roles in different stages of a construction project. From the concept stage to commissioning scale models will play vital roles.

Scale models have been used throughout almost the entire history of architecture. Today, scale modelling is used in architecture for different reasons: from the exploration of the form, to the presentation or display of architectural details and correlations. Therefore, there are several possible objectives when building scale models: to explore the form, the level of detail and properties of an object, to decide on an appropriate planning strategy, and many others that go beyond the scope of architectural design.

An object can be presented by a scale model in different ways and at different stages of its creation. Their purpose changes with the different spatial display tasks: from the display of internal spaces/interiors to city models. This chapter discusses the purpose of scale modelling, types of scale models in architecture and city planning, and their scales in greater length.

Professionally made scale models will certainly help architects, designers, property development agents to market their project and convince their potential clients and encourage them to invest in their project.

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