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Architectural scale models Dubai – Architectures becoming something more than just a shelter and the new emerging trends in architecture are the “green architecture” and the “digital architecture”.  These two trends are blending together and helping a new culture to grow in Architectural industry. We spend majority of our time indoors. It can be in our home, office, University, colleges, schools or shopping malls. In fact, these structures and its environment plays a vital part to control our moods, habits, health, productiveness and creativity!!

Every architecture is unique and try to spread a message to its surroundings… It represents the  culture and belief of the society… In addition to all of these, it is also important to see that,  how an architecture care its environment and how eco-friendly is that architecture !! These are not just a building any more… It aspires to create, inspires to think, to feel better.  As a  result, the building becomes the bridge from nature to our daily life.

Architectural scale models are the first step towards making a the great architectural wonders… The scale models  gives an opportunity to reflect the culture, history and the future architectural designs. It is the model where you can put your all creativity and imaginary designs and can see in concrete form. The models encapsulate information about the placement of the buildings in their environment, the proportions, the sense of space and rhythm and materiality. The history of scale models are as old as the practice of architecture itself. Initially architectural scale models in Dubai were used as the tool experiment and communication. With the evolution of computer aided 3D modeling and 3D Printing, the traditional concept and approach to the scale models are completely changed. it has become common for designers to take advantage of precise and fast digital tools for their explorations. Scale modeling became ever easy and precise with the introduction of these new technology.

3D Printing transforms a two-dimensional on screen visualization into the exact model of the product or building that can be seen from different perspectives with the surroundings landscape; that could be taken apart floor-by-floor, which can be designed and organized accordingly.  3D Printing technology allows you easy and fast modifications, error corrections and adjustments. It brings fast and easy understanding of the project. All that within few hours. No need to build a whole house to get the exact feeling of the space. In matter of few hours, you will be able not only to see, but also you can feel and hold your idea !!

At Inoventive 3D, we combines traditional model making methods and latest 3D Printing Technology to get the perfect models with its every minute details. We have professional and experienced model makers and the state-of-the-art 3D Printing facility where we assure the best models, faster delivery and for cheaper price.

Our focus is not only on the models, but it comes with beautiful, futuristic pedestals for scale models. These presentable pedestals will act as a crowd puller to your model and creates the best impression about your model in their mind.

Inoventive 3D offers, Architectural Scale Models, Industrial Scale Models, Prototypes,3D models and 3D Printing.

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