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How a scale model will help in promoting your project?

How a scale model will help in promoting your project

How a scale model will help in promoting your project? Scale model is a 3 dimensional replica or expression of design of the proposed project. It can be a product development project, structural project, architectural project or a proposal for interior designing. Traditionally, scale models were made exclusively by hand using foam boards, wood etc. At Inoventive 3D, we combine traditional model making methods with ultra-modern model making technologies including 3D Printers to achieve its elegance and high resolution of the project.

At Inoventive 3D model making Dubai, the modern techniques and our quality policies enables us to produce scale models faster, high in quality and less in price. Despite the development of 3D modelling and photo-realistic rendering, there is a still a firm place for the architectural scale models in the design process.

At Inoventice 3D, we are experts in developing conceptual models, working models and presentation models. At our professional model making facility in Dubai, we have experienced team of model makers along with state-of-the-art model making facility.

At our facility we produce interactive scale models which can consist of small mobile single screen device to a large scale multiscreen system with a video wall seamlessly attached. This flexibility gives you the freedom of choice on size and mobility for your models. As an optional feature, we can connect the interactive model to an adjacent screen, video wall or to a projector and it will enhance the multimedia effect by displaying relevant contents, photomontages, interactive 360 degree panoramas, animations or other info-graphics. A voice over also can be incorporated to the visual displays.

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