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Model Making in Architecture

model making in architecture

Model Making in Architecture – With the introduction of modern architectural design technology, the importance of architectural model making could be thought to have reduced in recent years. But the fact is, the demand for  Model making has ever increased along with the new technologies.


For every architectural or construction firm, physical model making is vital for their projects. The practice of making models for architectural structures since the starting of civilization. Those models may not be necessarily used for exploring construction and designs but, may be as form of gifts or presentations.


Model making came a long way and now it is playing very vital role in construction and in other engineering projects. Scale models helps the engineers and designers on identification and rectification of errors in advance stages of their projects which will enable them for easy approvals.


These scale models are very simple tool, but it is very important and powerful in solving structural problems and to support architectural design proposals. Model making in architecture is an integral part when creating and executing the project and the types of models will be differ depending on the stages of the projects. There are different types of architectural model making are available;

Conceptual Model: These models supports sketches and brainstorming sessions in initial stages of the project. Conceptual models will allow designer to develop their conceptual ideas and explore them in detail.

Working Model: Working models will help designers to communicate scale, form and materials to their clients and colleagues. It also helps them to identify the initial designing errors and to find the best solutions.

Presentation Model: Normally presentation models will be having more details and it reflect the proposed project in more précised manner. This model will be presented with additional features like illuminations, colur schems, natural presentations and water bodies.

 3D Printing Dubai is new technology is becoming increasingly popular within the field of architecture, making the production of 3D models significantly easier, faster, and cheaper. 3D-printed models could be created, checked, and discarded without incurring significant costs to the architect. These temporary models would enable the design process to remain a valuable medium of assessment without getting bogged down in unnecessarily detailed visuals.

Inoventive 3D Solutions Dubai, UAE integrates traditional model making methods with the latest 3D Printing technology to provide the best models for our customers. Being the leader in Architectural model making in Dubai, we have 24 x 7 designers and model makers to assist you in your projects.

We provide Architectural scale models in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and to entire UAE along with the Middle East region and Africa.

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