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Model Making UAE

architectural scale model

Model Making UAE is an integral part of architectural designing. Model making is used to communicate the design ideas or to study the design aspects before starting of any structure or instrument.

3D Printing and Model Making

3D printing has brought a revolution in model making and eliminated the time consumption considerably. 3D Printing can create low-cost architectural models whether it is for designing stage or for customer demonstration.

3D Printing will help every architecture or the designer to see their project, just in front of their eyes, with each and every detail and it will make the decision making much easy, effective and quick.

What are the benefits of 3D printing in architecture ?

Tangible scale models are paramount to many architectural projects, as a complement to computer simulations and virtual 3D models. Using additive manufacturing, it is quite easy to build cost-effective architectural models with a 3D printer. Here are some benefits of 3D printing in architecture:

  • Time saver : 3D Printing will eliminates all waiting and refining time of traditional model making methods. In 3D Printing, by inputting your design file, within hours, your model will be ready with its all details.
  • Cost effective: 3D printing enables architects and designers to create low-cost 3D architectural models with a high level of precision
  • Flexibility : 3D Printing will allow its designer to change the design or feel of the model at any time and it is very simple.
  • Precise : 3D Printed models carries high precise details and can chose from a wide range of printing materials.

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