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SCALE MODELS Dubai – Inoventive 3D


Scale Models Dubai – Scale models can be used as a strong marketing tool or can play a vital part in any project approval for engineers and architects. As a teaching tool, it can be used for better understanding of the concept and the best way to communicate idea to the audience.

Scale models can assist with every stage of the design process from a project’s conception to presenting it in front of investors.

At Inoventive 3D, we offer Several different 3D architectural models  to our customers to visualize your plans:

  • 3D architectural models:3D architectural models are created in 3D modeling software that allows users to build a three-dimensional model of an object in their programs. These models can be much more informative than 2D models as they can show viewers the texture, shape and size of potential buildings.
  • 3D printed architectural models: 3D printed architectural models are created with software that allows users to craft three-dimensional buildings. Instead of staying in a digital 3D form, these printed architectural models are printed out to provide a physical, 3D built-to-scale representation of your building plans.
  • Handmade 3D architectural models: Instead of designing the models in software, employees will handcraft these 3D models. While handmade models are the traditional method of making models, but they can still be valuable for times when you need to communicate a project’s perspective, scale and proportion.

Different types of construction models are used at different stages of a project’s design. The three main types are the conceptual, working and presentation models:

  • Conceptual models are usually used at the beginning of a project’s design. The models are used to understand how a project may look in an environment, as well as the spatial layout and ratio of the project. Modelers often make these types with cheap materials such as foam and cardboard so they can modify the model quickly to experiment with different designs.
  • Working models are used while a project is still being designed. Modelers upgrade from the foam and cardboard seen in conceptual models to sturdier materials since they need to capture more of the design’s details. Working models help clients see how architectural ideas are coming to life and the development of the project.
  • Presentation models are usually the final type of building model, as they’re built after designs have been completed. Modelers build these models to scale to represent everything from single buildings to an entire community. Besides the buildings being represented, they’ll include objects that represent the landscape and any relevant details to a project. The level of detail here can be especially important if a company needs to sell their plans to a client or get approval from a governing body.

Inoventive 3D is the leading model making company in UAE with a wide and satisfied clientele database. We offer the best Architectural scale models, industrial scale models, interior scale models, prototyping and 3D Models. We have state-of-the-art facility for model making and 3D Printing and we do combine traditional model making and latest 3D printing technology. We promise 100% confidentiality as we never outsource any of part of your project.

Please call us on +971 4 261 8388 | Mobile/Whatsapp: +971 52595 9616 | email: info@inoventive3d.com | Website: https://inoventive3d.com/

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