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Recycled Plastic and 3D Printing companDubai

3D Printing company Dubai

3D Printing Company Dubai: Researchers at the UK’s Loughborough University have managed to turn polymeric refuse collected on the African continent into low-cost agricultural tools for local farmers there. Working as part of the ‘Circular Plastics Project,’ the team has recycled discarded bottles into a processable filament, before 3D printing it into six circular farming implements. According to their designers, these contraptions, which range from a fruit picker to a fish farming system, could help those in developing countries to not only boost their economies, but reduce their local build-up of plastic waste. More read

Additive manufacturing is using recycled plastic as its raw material for many 3D Printing machines. This method is particularly suitable for brands wanting to make their supply chain more sustainable, especially in combination with 3D printing technology for production on an industrial scale. Compared to virgin material, the filament using recycled material has a lower carbon footprint. The product is also more durable and meets industry-specific requirements.

At Inoventive 3D Printing in Dubai, they offer wide format 3D Printing like Boat hulls, molds for concrete facades, molds for industrial manufacturing units, 3D Printed furniture and home decors, Large sculptures and mannequins for shops and outlets, Stand-out billboards etc. They have ultra-fast 3D Printing machine where you can get your products within few hours.

Inoventive 3D is the trusted name among 3D Printing companies in UAE and they offer affordable 3D Printing services in Dubai. Apart from 3D Printing, they offer, Interactive Scale models, Architectural scale models, industrial scale models, marine models, engineering models and Large scale 3D Printing services

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