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3D Printing for museums


3D Printing for museums

3D Printing for museums3D Printing have positive impacts on every industry since last few years and it has an immense potential in the field of architecture too. At Expo 2020 Dubai, Italian pavilion they have managed to 3D Printed a 5 meters high replica of Michelangelo’s Statue of David.  3D Printed statue is 10 times lighter than the original statue and enables free and easy mobility.

With this replica, again, it is getting clear that 3D Printing technology can be very useful for architectural industry in coming years and it have the potential of bring the much awaited change to entire architectural industry.

3D printing is the process of making a physical, three-dimensional object from a digital model. New designs can be created, or existing objects can be scanned and reproduced. At Inoventive 3D, we are specialists in recreating artifacts and make excellent sculptures for museums. 3D Printing services can be highly recommended for Museums as this technology can create any objects without any limit on shapes or size. 3D Printing services can be especially helpful while artifacts to be transported for exhibitions and events. While using 3D Printed artifacts instead of original sculptures, Museums can preserve the original artifacts for long. Not only that, 3D Printing technology have massive potential and at Inoventive 3D, we can create artifacts with interactive features. This interactive feature can provide a more tactile experience for the museum visitor. This could be a game changer for people with visual impairments, as it allows them to touch artefacts.

Another useful application is in the field of conservation. Pieces that need to be handled with care can be reproduced. This allows for close examination without causing any damage to the originals. Items that are too fragile for display can be stored safely, while a replica takes their place. Damaged artefacts can even be recreated. This is done by scanning fragments and putting them back together digitally, before printing a ‘fixed’ model. Museums can display these side-by-side to give a better idea of how the object looked before.

There are many museums around the world already embracing 3D printing. Curators have been exploring how it can add value to their collections. Here are five different examples of 3D printing projects that museums have been involved with. These show the scope and potential of this new technology.

Apart from providing affordable 3D Printing services in Dubai, we do Interactive scale models, architectural scale models, industrial scale models, engineering models, marine models and wide format 3D Printing.

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