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Master-plan scale models in UAE

Master Plan scale model makers in UAE

Master-plan scale models in UAE – Inoventive 3D, the #1 model making company in UAE and in the Middle East offers best in class master-plan scale models, interactive scale models, architectural scale models, industrial scale models, engineering scale models, marine models, structural scale models etc., for a very affordable price and can be delivered in the shortest turn-around time.

Since last many years, we are being the leader in the market and have very strong customer database from the middle east region. We are well-known in the region for our quality and faster delivery. We offer safest on-site delivery and installation anywhere in the region, based on the customer’s request.

Our scale models used to have a very prominent place in every major exhibitions and events in the region. Expo 2020 Dubai, World defense show, Riyadh are few recently concluded prestigious events, where our scale models made a difference in many pavilions and counters.

Scale models or prototypes are useful at the stage of project development, project approvals, exhibitions, sales meetings or other such events. An elegant Scale model will leave a great impact and positive impression on its audience and it will enhance the development and approval process. At the same time, if we speaks about exhibition, It is easy and safe to transport a scale model than any original product or machines to the exhibition center. Miniature models, or scale models, are often used in exhibitions. Many builders, advertising companies and exhibition companies are already very skilled in using it in their business. And it has become an important means of display throughout these events. Or in cases, if someone has to display the internal parts of a machine, such as the section model display of hydro-turbine units or such large machineries, scale models or prototypes will help to show-case it more clearly and its operations.

At Inoventive 3D is the best model making company Dubai and we make sure every scale models offers the glimpse into the work of architects and demonstrate their numerous uses with every detail of the project. Our scale models also stand as independent works, fascinating to study in their own right and might. We are experts in making models for exhibitions and events.

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